About Our Method

There is no "one way" to learn to dance.  Along your journey you will find many sources of influence and inspiration to enhance your dancing.  None of which are wrong however, some of which are better than others depending on the results you are looking for.  We encourage our dancers to critically think about how and why we apply concepts and techniques and never to blindly accept instruction without purpose or intention.


J. Patrick Clements


(Founder of the "TRAITS"  method of teaching ballroom dancing)

"Ive been a dancer, competitor and educator for almost 25 years, I have developed a proven teaching method that delivers the knowledge, skills and most importantly the confidence to dance in any situation in just a few hours.  Simple enough for an absolute beginner and complex enough to engage the most seasoned of dancer.  I invite you all to come and try for yourself and start your journey to a new and more distinguished you!"

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