J. Patrick Clements



Career dancer and teacher J.Patrick Clements started ballroom dancing in the kitchen of his Italian grandmothers house somewhere around the age of 5.  As a growing dance fanatic, Patrick found a dance studio in Cincinnati during his high school years that set him up for immediate success.  Soon thereafter he found himself training and competing as both an amateur and professional dancer throughout Europe and the United States eventually claiming home in New York City, Cleveland Ohio and Naples Florida.  Patrick eventually returned home to Cincinnati to open his very own dance studio. 

Using the philosophies he learned throughout his career and on the road, his mission for Step-n-Out is to create awareness to the numerous health and mind benefits through ballroom dancing and bring dance education to its fullest in the Greater Cincinnati Area.   

 With his almost 25 years experience, he is often considered "The Teacher of Teachers" among his colleagues.  Patrick now enjoys performing and competing with his students as well as introducing new people to the joys of social and sport dancing.  Patrick is fortunate to have coached and mentored exceptional dancers who have become finalist or featured dancers on hit television show "So You Think You Can Dance" and has had multiple collaborations with the "Dancing With The Stars" touring show.

He is an incessant student of music, philosophy and especially dance. Patrick counts himself very fortunate over the years to have had the opportunities to learn from talented dance authorities across the globe that have groomed him to be the influence he is today.